Fitness for Health:

The ALPHA-FIT Test Battery

The ALPHA-FIT Test Battery for Adults consists of seven field-based test items with importance for health and physical functioning.

What is ALPHA-FIT?

ALPHA-FIT Test Battery for Adults (aged 18–69 years) reflects long term co-operation between scientists in the European countries promoting physical activity and fitness for health in population level.

ALPHA-FIT emphasizes the growing scientific evidence of the importance of assessing and monitoring physical fitness as a key indicator of person’s health. 

The tests can also be used as a tool for individual physical activity counselling and monitoring changes in fitness. 

The scientific work behind ALPHA-FIT was conducted as part of the project ALPHA (Assessing levels of physical activity and fitness), led by Karolinska Institute, Sweden, and funded by European Union, DG SANCO.

What is the content of ALPHA-FIT?

Seven field-based test items with importance for health and physical functioning:

  1. waist circumference
  2. body mass index
  3. one-leg stand for balance
  4. hand grip for muscular strength
  5. jump-and-reach for lower extremity power and strength
  6. modified push-up for upper-body and trunk muscular endurance
  7. 2-km walk test for cardiorespiratory fitness. 

Three secondary tests are recommended to be used as alternative or additional tests:

  • dynamic sit-up for trunk muscular endurance
  • shoulder-neck mobility for flexibility
  • figure-of-eight run for dynamic balance and agility.

How to conduct ALPHA-FIT tests?

There is a Tester’s Manual available in English. Print the Manual

There is a video demonstrating correct performance of each test item. See the videos

More about ALPHA-FIT

See the ALPHA-FIT web site

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