HEPA Europe 2013 Conference in Helsinki

Posters by the representatives of UKK Institute


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Adherence to Health-Enhancing Physical Activity Recommendation in Finnish Adult Population – Assessed with Objective and Subjective Methods

Assessing Physical Activity and Screen Time Recommendations among 8th Graders: Baseline Results from the Finnish Kids Out! intervention

Evaluation of a Tool Kit and a Training Concept for Developing Physical Activity Counselling in Primary Health Care

Feasibility and Effects of a 2-year Supervised Exercise Program on Functional Performance and Quality of Life in Older Women

Integrating Research into Practice to Develop Physical Activity Counseling in Finnish Health Care Centers

Intervention Studies Related to Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity among Finnish Children and Adolescents – A Systematic Review

Lifestyle Counselling in Abdominally Obese Professional Male Drivers – RCT

Physical Activity Patterns Based on a Novel Accelerometer Data Modeling — Criterion Validity Against Measured Aerobic Fitness

Prevention of Sports Injuries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomised Controlled Trials

Sport, Exercise, and Physical Activity among Finnish Children and Adolescents – A Systematic Review

Sports and Exercise Safety in Finland: LiVE – an Implementation Program to Sport Clubs and Schools

TEKO – Promoting Safety in School Sports via Internet and Education

Tule-KUNTOMITTA – a Method to Enhance Musculoskeletal Health

Utilizing Health Education Lessons to Reduce Screen Time and to Increase Physical Activity among 8th Graders: The Protocol of a Randomized, Controlled Kids Out! – Trial in 14 Finnish Schools



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