UKK Walk Test

UKK Walk Test

The UKK two-kilometre Walk Test is familiar to many thousands of Finns and is known beyond the borders of Europe too. The Walk Test is in use in 22 countries.

It is a simple and safe physical fitness test designed to measure the respiratory and cardiovascular performance of normally active men and women.

The quality of the UKK Walk Test has been confirmed with a series of scientific studies.

The UKK Walk Test has proven to be a useful fitness assessment tool to support the guidance of exercise for health.

The UKK Walk Test contains a health screening procedure, which ensures safe testing.

The computer software designed for the UKK Walk Test provides an individual exercise prescription based on the obtained fitness level.


Order test forms to conduct the UKK Walk Test from the UKK Institute's netshop

A revised edition of the Tester's Guide for the UKK-walktest can be uploaded here: UKK Walk Test, Tester´s Guide -pdf.

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