Monitoring the physical activity and fitness of the population

Physical activity has a positive effect on one's health and functional capacity. The UKK Institute monitors and evaluates the amount of physical activity and changes in the level of physical fitness within the population.

The UKK Institute develops and selects reliable and valid evaluation methods for monitoring and measuring physical activity and health-related fitness. Our target group is the entire population: children, young people, adults and senior citizens.

The UKK Institute encourages professionals to use uniform methods in evaluating physical activity and fitness when delivering health promotion and physical activity services.

Research projects

Health-related fitness tests for public health monitoring

Development and evaluation of a 2-km Walking Test for assessing maximal aerobic power of adults in field conditions

Health-related fitness test battery for middle-aged adults with emphasis on musculoskeletal and motor tests

Health-related fitness tests for older adults

Motor Skill Test Battery for Adults

Required motor abilities in commonly practised exercise modes and potential training effects among adults

The association of generic physical activity and specific exercise with motor abilities

Health 2000 and Health 2011: Physical activity, fitness and health

Exercise Loading and Bone Structure

FeetEnergy — reduction of sedentary time and promoting physical activity among 8th graders in Tampere



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