FeetEnergy — promoting physical activity among 8th graders


Aim of the FeetEnergy study is to reduce sedentary time and promote physical activity among 8th graders in Tampere.

The study started in 2010 and includes three parts:

  • Internet survey
  • methodological study
  • randomized, controlled trial (RCT).

Methodological study

The methodological study consisted of two parts.

The first part conducted in the summer of 2011 examined the validity of new Hookie accelerometer in relation to the commonly used Actigraph accelerometer.

This part involved 20 participants aged 13–15 years, who completed ten 2-minute activities while wearing both accelerometers. Both monitors proved comparable in assessing adolescents’ accelerations in typical free-living activities and in classifying the activities by intensity levels. The manuscript concerning this study part is currently under submission process.

The second part was conducted in the fall of 2011 and involved approximately one hundred 8th graders from three different schools.

This part investigated the validity and repeatability of youth physical activity diary in relation to Hookie accelerometer and will be reported in spring 2013. The results of the methodological study will be utilized in the RCT.



The data collection with questionnaires, physical activity diaries and accelerometers (baseline, follow-up, final) will end in April 2013.

The majority of the findings will be reported in 2014.


FeetEnergy study is a part of a larger project, which examines the physical activity of children and adolescents in urban environment (Kids Out!). The collaborators of the project with the UKK Institute are Tampere University of Technology (The School of Architecture) and Helsinki University of Technology (Centre for Urban and Regional Studies).

The Kids Out! -project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture as part of a research program on the health and welfare of children and young people (SKIDI-KIDS).



Minna Aittasalo, Researcher



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