Promoting health-enhancing physical activity

Increasing physical activity is one of the main objectives in the prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases.

The UKK Institute studies and develops the performance and effectiveness of procedure models and methods used in physical activity counseling within the healthcare and fitness industries.

Along with increasing the personal knowledge and abilities, we need to create an environment that encourages the public to participate in physical activities that promote health. Special attention is paid to the activity levels and condition of sedentary populations.

Exercise trials give information on the appropriate dosage and suitability of physical activity for different groups.

Research projects

Counselling, lifestyle and physical activity in maternity care -study (NELLI)

Physical activity counseling in maternity and child health care – a controlled trial

Is intensive counseling in maternity care feasible and effective in promoting physical activity among women at risk for gestational diabetes?

Validity and repeatability of a short pregnancy leisure time physical activity questionnaire

Impact of Lifestyle Modification on Pregnant Women’s Work Ability, Sickness Absence and Return to Employment

Effect of physical activity on menopausal symptoms

Breast Cancer and Exercise

Prevention of Chronic Lower Back Pain in Female Nurses

Effects of Weight Reduction on Sleep and Alertness in Long-distance Truck and Bus Drivers

Initial results — Effects of Weight Reduction on Sleep and Alertness in Long-distance Truck and Bus Drivers

Exercise Training With A Physically Active Lifestyle to Reduce Headaches and Improve Quality of Life

Developing physical activity counselling practices in primary care

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