Promoting safe participation in physical activity

Exercise-related injuries may reduce the health benefits of physical activity. Following professional guidelines can reduce the harmful effects of exercise.

The UKK Institute develops procedure models aimed at increasing the level of safety during exercise. These models can be used by health promotion and sports organizations. The goal is that the professionals will be able to recognize he risk factors associated with exercise and promote the prevention of related accidents typical to different stages of life.

One of our key goals is to prevent senior citizens from being injured due to falling accidents.

Research projects

Factors that help predict knee and ankle injuries and prevention of injuries among young athletes

Floorball injuries — epidemiology and prevention

Effects of exercise on physical functioning, bone strength and fall risk among older women: randomized controlled trial and and follow-up study up to 5 years later

Vitamin D and Exercise in Fall Prevention

The effect of whole body vibration training on physical functioning and risk of falling in older people living in sheltered housing

Fall-induced injuries and deaths among the elderly in Finland since 1970

Neuromuscular Exercise and Counseling Decrease Absenteeism Due to Low Back Pain in Young Conscripts

Risk factors of injuries and injury prevention in youth football

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