Factors that help predict knee and ankle injuries and prevention of injuries among young athletes

A study which investigates the motor skills, muscular strength and health of athletes with the aim of discovering physical and motor risk factors related to the occurrence of knee and ankle injuries and developing training methods to reduce the risk of injuries. A three-year cohort monitoring and training intervention


The aim is to investigate the risk factors associated with and possible prevention of sudden injuries and strain injuries that occur in connection with popular team ball sports.

The study will investigate the anatomical, physiological, biomechanical and genetic risk factors associated with sports injuries and develop reliable indicators to assess an athlete's movement control and muscle balance to allow more accurate identification of risk factors.

In addition, the study will investigate whether the impact of individual risk factors predisposing to injuries (e.g. risks caused by body type and size or lack of body control) could be reduced through training intervention.


Young basketball and floorball players (n=200-300) in the Tampere region have been recruited for the study over a period of two years. The players will take part in physical and motor tests, after which data will be collected for a year regarding the amount of training and competitive matches as well as sports injuries.

During the last year of the study, a training intervention will be conducted in addition to the cohort monitoring (n=200—300) to investigate if neuromuscular targeted training could reduce the impact of risk factors. The training group (n=25) will take part in a two-month intervention. The tests will be repeated with the training group immediately after the end of the intervention. The outcome variables are sports injuries and risk factors related to injuries (e.g. background variables and test results).


The hypothesis is that young people who take part in the intervention will improve their control of different parts of their body, thus reducing the amount of incorrect loading predisposing to injuries and therefore the occurrence of injuries. Prevention of injuries will improve the health of young athletes and reduce costs to society.





Kati Pasanen, Research and Development Manager



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