Actual Measurement of Sedentary Behaviour, Physical Activity and Fitness in Population Monitoring
– the Finnish Experience

The course was held in June 5–6, 2014, UKK Institute, Tampere, Finland

International course for professionals monitoring and promoting physicall activity

Purpose and objectives

  1. to introduce the protocols of actual measurement of sedentary behaviour, physical activity (PA) and fitness in the PA sub study of Health 2011 Survey in Finland
  2. to introduce the safety model for assessment of physical fitness tests in population level, and conduct the following test in practice: one-leg stand, jump-and-reach, modified push-up, dynamic sit-up and 6 min walk test
  3. to facilitate interactive discussions and sharing experiences among the participants to enhance the use of more comparable output measures of accelerometers as well as measurement of fitness on public health monitoring
  4. to experience the use of tri-axial accelerometer for seven days before the course, and personal feedback on sedentary behaviour and PA during the course
  5. to increase the participants’ understanding of storing and processing raw accelerometer data in a meaningful way to reveal population groups with increased health risks due to sedentary behaviour and low level of PA.


See the course programme (pdf)

Contact information

Course leader
Jaana Suni

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Tiina Inkovaara
tel. +358 3 282 9258

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