Health Promotion Material in English

Health Promotion Material in English

On the basis of scientific research we have developed several products and tools to promote health-enhancing physical activity. some of them are available also in english. Feel free to download and print the files below.


Physical Activity Pie

Physical Exercise during and after Pregnancy

Health-enhancing Physical Activity — Time Frame of Biological Changes

Walking Stages


KaatumisSeula Tools to Prevent Falls

KaatumisSeula® was found to be a feasible approach to screen the fall risk of older adults and implement preventive measures in community. New tools created for fall risk screening and informing evidence-based preventive measures make it possible for NGOs and non-professionals to co-operate with professionals.


KaatumisSeula Fall Risk Assessment 1
KaatumisSeula Fall Risk Assessment 2
KaatumisSeula Instructions for Fall Risk Assessment Form
KaatumisSeula Checklist of Risk Factors for Falls
KaatumisSeula Ten Ways to Prevent Falls
KaatumisSeula Exercise Guide


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