Health 2000 and Health 2011

Health 2000 and Health 2011: Physical activity, fitness and health

Population's physical activity, fitness and health, UKK follow-up study as part of the Health 2000 survey. The Health 2011 project conducted by the National Institute for Health and Welfare was a national follow-up and cross-sectional study based on the Health 2000 survey carried out ten years ago.


The national Health 2000 survey, conducted under the supervision of the National Public Health Institute (now known as the National Institute for Health and Welfare), focused on the country's over 30-year-olds with a sample of approx. 8,000 persons. Invitations to take part in the UKK Institute's follow-up study were sent to those who did not have severe mobility limitations according to the Health 2000 medical examinations. The study measured the health-related fitness of the population in 15 participating municipalities using diverse field tests. The study made it possible to conduct a follow-up study of the population's health-related fitness and thus investigate the cause and effect relationships.


The main aim was to create preliminary health-based recommendations for the UKK health-related fitness tests regarding sufficient fitness levels in terms of health and functional ability. In addition, the aim was to investigate, in accordance with the model on physical activity, fitness and health (Bouchard and Shephard 1994), how the quantity and quality of the population's physical activity and exercise is linked to health-related fitness and the musculoskeletal system's performance and symptoms.


The original data was collected in 2000 and 2001. Invitations to the study were sent to approx. 1,100 people who took part in the Health 2000 survey and who met the selection criteria. 660 of them took part in the study. Health-related fitness was measured using a diverse, standardised field test battery. Physical activity was investigated through a questionnaire. Some of the healthy voluntary 30 to 65-year-old women (100) and men (100) from Tampere, Nokia and Valkeakoski took part in a walking test on a treadmill to measure their VO2 max.


The health-related fitness test results collected through the study can be used together with previous population study results to prepare reference values for different tests and to develop recommendations regarding sufficient fitness levels in terms of health and functional ability.





Tommi Vasankari, Director


Jaana Suni, Research and Development Manager




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