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Toropainen E, Aittasalo M, Kukkonen-Harjula K, Rinne M, Vasankari T. Developing counselling practices in physical activity (PA) by tutoring multiprofessional teamwork in primary care. The 10th Nordic Public Health Conference, Turku, Finland 24.-26.8.2011:106-107

Palvanen M, Kannus P, Parkkari J, Niemi S, Piirtola M, Järvinen M. The Chaos Clinic - a randomized controlled trial of a falls clinic for prevention offalls and related fractures. Hki: Lääkäripäivät 2011, Luentolyhennelmät 2011:271

Artero EG, España-Romero V, Castro-Piñero J, Ortega FB, Suni J, Castillo-Garzon MJ, Ruiz JR. Reliability of field-based fitness tests in youth. Int J Sports Med 2011;32:159-169

Harrison LC, Nikander R, Sikiö M, Luukkaala T, Helminen MT, Ryymin P, Soimakallio S, Eskola H J, Dastidar P, Sievänen H. MRI texture analysis of femoral neck: detection of exercise load associated differences in trabecular bone. J Magn Reson Imaging 2011;34(6):1359-66

Mansikkamäki K, Heinonen R, Nygård C-H, Raitanen J, Moilanen J, Mikkkola T, Tomás E, Luoto R. Effects of aerobic training on quality of sleep among menopausal women - a randomized controlled trial. 14th Nordic Sleep Conference: program and abstracts.  Reykjavik, 2011:22

Pasanen K, Jussila A-M, Kannus P, Hiilloskorpi H, Parkkari J. Sports and exercise safety in Finland (LIVE): a nationwide implementation case.  Br J  Sports Med 2011;45:368

Jussila A-M, Kannus P, Pasanen K, Parkkari J. Sports and exercise safety in Finland (LIVE): a nationwide implementation case.  International Congress on Enhancement of Physical Activity of Children and Youth: Congress Proceedings, 2011:67

Uusi-Rasi K, Kannus P, Karinkanta S, Pasanen M, Patil R, Sievänen H. Prevalence of sarcopenia and osteopenia among 70-80-year old Finnish women. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 2011;26(suppl. 1):S244

Toffol E, Heikinheimo O, Koponen P, Luoto R, Partonen T. Hormonal contraception and mental health: results of a population-based study. Human Reproduction 2011;26(11):3085-3093

Jussila AMa, Parkkari J. Sports and Exercise Safety in Finland (LiVE): a nationwide implementation case. 3rd European Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion. Congress proceedings 2011;10.4



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