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Rinne M, Pasanen M, Miilunpalo S, Mälkiä E. Is generic physical activity or specific exercise associated with motor abilities? Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise 2010;42(9):1760-1768

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Leppänen O, Sievänen H, Jokihaara J, Pajamäki I, Kannus P, Cooper D, Järvinen T. The effects of loading and estrogen on rat bone growth. Journal of Applied Physiology 2010;108(6):1737-1744

Rantalainen T, Nikander R, Heinonen A, Suominen H, Sievänen H. Direction-specific diaphyseal geometry and mineral mass distribution of tibia and fibula: a pQCT study of female athletes representing different exercise loading types. Calcified Tissue International 2010;86(6):447-454



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