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Järvinen T, Sievänen H, Kannus P, Jokihaara J, Khan K. The true cost of pharmacological disease prevention. BMJ 2011;342():d2175 Lue Tampereen yliopiston tiedote allaolevasta pdf-linkistä:

Klodowski A, Rantalainen T, Mikkola A, Heinonen A, Sievänen H. Flexible multibody approach in forward dynamic simulation of locomotive strains in human skeleton with flexible lower body bones. Multibody Syst Dyn 2011;25:395-409

Tiedote Suomen Akatemian sivuilla: Luuston hyvinvointi simuloimalla selville

Luoto R, Kinnunen TI, Aittasalo M, Kolu P, Raitanen J, Ojala K, Mansikkamäki K, Lamberg  S, Vasankari  T, Komulainen T, Tulokas S. Primary prevention of gestational diabetes mellitus and large-for-gestational -age newborns by lifestyle counseling: a cluster-randomized controlled trial. PlosMed 2011;8(5):e1001036.  doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1001036

Luoto R, Moilanen J, Heinonen R, Mikkola T, Raitanen J, Tomas E, Ojala K, Mansikkamäki K, Nygård C-H. Effect of aerobic training on hot flushes and quality of life: a randomized controlled trial. Annals of Medicine2012;44:616-626




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