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Suni JH, Taanila H, Mattila VM, Ohrankämmen O, Vuorinen P, Pihlajamäki H, Parkkari J. Neuromuscular exercise and counseling decrease absenteeism due to low back pain in young conscripts: a randomized, population-based primary prevention study. Spine 2013;38(5):375-384.

Sarajuuri J, Pasanen M, Rinne M, Vartiainen M, Lehto T, Alaranta H. Relationship between cognitive and motor performance in physically well-recovered men with traumatic brain injury. J Rehabil Med 2012;(Oct 25):doi: 10.2340/16501977-1060

Saarto T, Penttinen H, Sievänen H, Kellokumpu-Lehtinen P et al. Effectiveness of a 12-month Exercise Program on Physical Performance and Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Survivors. Anticancer Res 2012;32(9):3875-3884


Nikander R, Sievänen H, Ojala K, Kellokumpu-Lehtinen P-L, Palva T, Blomqvist C, Luoto R, Saarto T. Effect of exercise on bone structural traits, physical performance and body composition in breast cancer patients - A 12-month RCT. J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact 2012;12(3):127-135

Huttunen T, Kannus P, Lepola V, Pihlajamäki H, Mattila V. Surgical treatment of humeral-shaft fractures: a register-based study in Finland between 1987 and 2009. Injury 2012;43(10):1704-1708

Sievänen H. Impact loading - Nature's way to strengthen bone. Nature Reviews Endocrinology 2012;8(7):391-393

Zheng HFe, Tobias J, Duncan E, Evans D, Eriksson J, Paternoster L... Sievanen H et al. WNT16 Influences Bone Mineral Density, Cortical Bone Thickness, Bone Strength, and Osteoporotic Fracture Risk. PLoS Genetics 2012;8(7):e1002745

Mansikkamäki K, Raitanen J, Nygård C-H, Heinonen R, Mikkola T, Tomás E, Luoto R. Sleep quality and aerobic training among menopausal women - a randomized controlled trial. Maturitas 2012;72:339-345

Husu P, Suni J. Predictive validity of health-related fitness tests on back pain and related disability: a 6-year follow-up study among high-functioning older adults. J Phys Act Health 2012;9(2):249-258

Piirtola M, Löppönen M, Vahlberg T, Isoaho R, Kivelä SLi, Räihä I. Fractures as an Independent Predictor of Functional Decline in Older People: A Population-Based Study with an 8-Year Follow-Up. Gerontology 2012;58(4):269-304



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