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Heiniö L, Nikander R, Sievänen H. Association between long-term exercise loading and lumbar spine trabecular bone score (TBS) in different exercise loading groups. J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact 2015;15(3):279-285

Kantele S, Karinkanta S, Sievänen H. Effects of long-term whole-body vibration training on mobility in patients with multiple sclerosis: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. J Neurol Sci 2015;358(1-2):31-37.

Patil R, Kolu P, Raitanen J, Valvanne J, Kannus P, Karinkanta S, Sievänen H, Uusi-Rasi K. Cost-effectiveness of vitamin D supplementation and exercise in preventing injurious falls among older home-dwelling women: findings from an RCT. Osteoporos Int 2016;27:193-201.

Pasanen K, Rossi T, Parkkari J, Heinonen A, Steffen K, Myklebust G, Krosshaug T, Vasankari T, Kannus P, Avela J, Kulmala JPe, Perttunen J, Kujala M, Bahr R. Predictors of lower extremity injuries in team sports (PROFITS-study): a study protocol. BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine 2015;1(1):1-7.

Haapasalo H, Kannus P, Laine HJ, Moilanen T, Mattila VM. Scientific evidence and reduced surgical treatment in acute ligament ruptures of the ankle. Scand J Med Sci Sports 2015;25(2):299-300.

Kannus P, Parkkari J, Niemi S, Sievänen H. Low-trauma pelvic fractures in elderly Finns in 1970-2013. Calcif Tissue Int 2015;97(6):577-580.

Patil R, Uusi-Rasi K, Tokola K, Karinkanta S, Kannus P, Sievänen H. Effects of a multimodal exercise program on physical function, falls, and injuries in older women: a 2-year community-based, randomized controlled trial. J Am Geriatr Soc 2015;63(7):1306-1313. Doi:10.1111/jgs.13489.

Tuominen M, Stuart MJ, Aubry M, Kannus P, Parkkari J. Injuries in men´s international ice hockey: a 7-year study of the International Ice Hockey Federation Adult World Championship Tournaments and Olympic Winter Games. Br J Sports Med 2015;49(1):30-36

Uusi-Rasi K, Patil R, Karinkanta S, Kannus P, Tokola K, Lamberg-Allardt C, Sievänen H. Exercise and vitamin D in fall prevention among older women: a randomized trial. JAMA Intern Med 2015;175(5):703-711. doi:10.1001/jamainternamed.2015.0225.

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Kannus P, Parkkari J, Niemi S, Sievänen H. Low-trauma knee fractures in older Finnish women between 1970 and 2013. Aging Clin Exp Res 2016;28:665-668.



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