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Klodowski A, Rantalainen T, Mikkola A, Heinonen A, Sievänen H. Flexible multibody approach in forward dynamic simulation of locomotive strains in human skeleton with flexible lower body bones. Multibody Syst Dyn 2011;25:395-409

Tiedote Suomen Akatemian sivuilla: Luuston hyvinvointi simuloimalla selville

Suomalainen P, Moisala ASt, Paakkala A, Kannus P, Järvelä T. Double-bundle versus single-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Am J Sports Med 2011;39(8):1615-1622

Heikkinen A, Alaranta A, Helenius I, Vasankari T. Use of dietary supplements in Olympic athletes is decreasing: a follow-up study between 2002 and 2009. J Int Soc Sports Nutr 2011;8:1

Leinonen JT, Surakka I, Havulinna AS, Kettunen J, Luoto R, Salomaa V, Widén E. Association of LIN28B with Adult Adiposity-Related Traits in Females. PLoS One 2012;7(11):e48785. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0048785.

Hemminki E, Regushevskaya E, Luoto R, Veerus P. Variability of bothersome menopausal symptoms over time -- a longitudinal analysis using the Estonian postmenopausal hormone therapy trial (EPHT). BMC Women's Health 2012, 12:44. DOI: 10.1186/1472-6874-12-44.

Aavikko A, Helenius I, Alaranta A, Vasankari T, Haahtela T. Asthma medication is increasingly prescribed for Finnsih Olympic athletes - for a reason? J Asthma 2012;49:744-9

Kharazmi E, Fallah M, Luoto R. Maternal age at first delivery and risk of cardiovascular disease later in life. ISRN Epidemiology 2013;articel id 876724

Voutilainen M, Malmberg LP, Vasankari T, Haahtela T. Exhaled nitric oxide indicates poorly athlete's asthma. Clin Resp J 2013;7:347-353

Wennman H, Kronholm E, Partonen T, Peltonen M, Tolvanen A, Vasankari T, Borodulin K. Physical activity and sleep profiles in Finnish men and women. BMC Public Health 2014; 14: 82.

Toffol E, Koponen P, Luoto R, Partonen T. Pubertal timing, menstrual irregularity, and mental health: results of a population-based study. Arch Womens Ment Health 2014;17(2):127-35



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